July 27, 2005

Legislative Update July 27, 2005

Senate Bill 1525 recently passed and established a number of protocols that must be followed in regard to the safe handling of residents. The bill requires that the quality assurance committee of a nursing home must adopt strategies to control the risk to patients and nurses associated with lifting, moving, or otherwise repositioning the residents. At a minimum, the process must include:
  1. Analysis of the risk of injury to both patients and nurses posed by the environment in which a patient must be handled or moved;
  2. Education of nurses in the identification, assessment and control of risk of injury associated with handling;
  3. Evaluation of alternative ways to reduce risks associated with handling;
  4. Restrictions, if possible, of manual patient handling unless it is an emergency;
  5. Collaboration with and reporting annually to the nurse staffing committee;
  6. Procedures for nurses to refuse to perform a handling that the nurse in good faith believes would pose a risk the the nurse or patient;
  7. Submission of an annual report to the quality assurance committee on activities related to assessment and strategies to control the risks associated with lifting and movement; and
  8. Consideration in any future building projects for incorporating handling equipment or increased physical space.

This act will become effective on January 1, 2006.